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25% DISCOUNT in April and May on your internship to Indonesia


25% discount on an international internship to Indonesia in april and may.

#2 – Why you should go to Indonesia


The second part of reasons why you should go to Indonesia for an international internship. These three reasons are the beautiful nature, grow your international network and be a real advisor to a company.

FREE Language Course Bahasa Indonesia


Free language course Bahasa Indonesia available.

Visa on Arrival regulations Indonesia


Indonesian government announces to make the visa on arrival regulations easier for 30 countries including some European countries.

#1 – Why you should go to Indonesia


Have an internship in Indonesia because of the smile on everybody’s face, the growing economy and the outdoor lunches.

WOW Indonesia!


Last weekend iExperience Internship went on a weekend trip to Sukabumi, only three hours driving from Jakarta. Together with some students we went for a river trekking assisted by our partner Ferdinand Wongso. During the trekking we first went downstream and walked through the river and the jungle, jumped from waterfalls and climbed the rocks. After 1/1.5 hours we finished this first part of the job and had a hot tea and some snacks.