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WOW Indonesian Music


In Indonesia there are a lot of artists, almost every Indonesian can play the guitar, can sing and are extremely musical. If you are planning to travel you will definitely enjoy live music in one of the many bars. Some are really good artists! In this post we introduce the popular Indonesian music to you.

Independence day Indonesia


Today is independence day in Indonesia. The Indonesians celebrate the independence of The Netherlands at 17th August. The declaration marked the start of the diplomatic and armed resistance of the Indonesian National Revolution, fighting against the forces of the Netherlands and pro-Dutch civilians, until the latter officially acknowledged Indonesia’s independence in 1949. 

FREE Presentation at Universities


In the upcoming university year iExperience Internship focuses more on the European universities and the WHY of doing an internship abroad. We want to make students motivated and excited of doing an internship abroad. For this reason, we created an interesting presentation which our Director gives at universities that are interested in globalization. 

Traditional food; did you ever try martabak?


Sweet Martabak is a stuffed pancake or pan-fried bread which is commonly found in Indonesia. In Indonesia, the Murtabak is one of the most popular street foods and is known as “martabak”. The other version is savory martabak and looks like a lumpia and tastes delicious. Martabak is found in all Asian countries and is a must try once in Indonesia.