PIETER (2015)

Pieter was an intern at HWMA Law Firm in Jakarta from February –July 2015. Let’s talk about his internship experience in Indonesia.


Experience: INTERNSHIP


“The office is a dream.” My colleagues are really open and friendly; it feels like a family when I arrive in the office. We always joke around and I have a lot of fun with everyone. I arrive with a smile and go home with a smile on my face. Last week we had a barbecue with the whole team at the villa I am living which was really nice.

How my day in the office looks like? I always arrive late, which is ok because there are no schemes in this office if you finish your work within the deadlines. When I arrive I always greet everybody personally and then start to work. My responsibilities are to support the partners, answer questions of clients, do proofreading, join in meetings, and work on projects with associates. Next to this I have enough time to work on my University assignments and don’t experience stress in the office. I get a lot of support from the partners and found a really good working pace. When I don’t have anything to do I just ask one of the partners and they will provide me with an assignment since the office is growing a lot.


Experience: JAKARTA


“Jakarta is hot, busy and the traffic is terrible but the people make the city wonderful.” In The Netherlands it sometimes feels people are not interested in the world around them. In here people are truly interested in your story. For example when I go for a run; in The Netherlands I run from A to B and in here I always meet people that greet me and smile at me.

The traffic is the number 1 problem in Jakarta, I think, but it seems nobody is worrying too much about it. And therefor I don’t care too much about it either.


Experience: INDONESIA

“After one month I left Jakarta for a trip and then you experience the real Indonesia.” Jakarta is the Mecca of business of Indonesia and outside you can experience the real country. The country is beautiful with the best views I ever saw. Wherever you go, the people are friendly, helpful and it makes them proud you enjoy their country. Outside Jakarta the people are relaxed and chill. Sometimes I feel Jakarta is the big city and outside Jakarta there are only wonderful rice paddies with the best possible views.

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