SANNE (2015)

Sanne did her internship at KADIN Indonesia, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, located in Jakarta in the period Sep 2015 – Feb 2015. In this interview we spoke about her experiences so far with the internship, Jakarta and Indonesia.

Sanne - KADIN


Experience: INTERNSHIP

“I am really surprised by the relaxed atmosphere in the office”. We always have a lot of fun and sometimes we laugh really loud for, let’s say, fifteen minutes, it is all fine. No problem at all. One of the best parts of the day is that we take time to have lunch outside the office, we usually go to the food court around the corner where they have the best gado-gado. During my internship I am helping out in different topics and really discovering what parts I would like to include in my future career and which parts don’t interest me so much. I am doing a lot of research on Indonesia, attend exhibitions and write about these events, check documents for English grammar, write articles – for example last week I wrote an article about a delegation of officers from Papua that visited Jakarta. Ohh…. and btw, I never have to get the coffee as the typical intern. Sometimes it is hard that the language in the office between colleagues is Bahasa Indonesia which I don’t understand but when this is the case I focus on my own job and try not to listen anymore. I do ask certain meanings of words so that I know what they are talking about and when I get involved we switch to English. During a meeting we spoke about the language and now, me and another intern, have a one hour Bahasa Indonesia course every day in which I learn the basic language skills. I can order food, give directions to the drivers and have a basic conversation already!



Experience: JAKARTA

“Woooow” where to start? First one recommendation for future students: Ask the locals everything, because everything is different from the way things go in The Netherlands. For example, while having dinner for the first couple of times I just wanted to point at the picture and show the food that I wanted BUT it is much easier if you just practice the sentence “I would like to order…..” and then order yourself. Back to Jakarta, I expected a really poor city in which I had to survive but this is completely different. My euros are much more worthy here and I experience much more luxury than back in the Netherlands. I don’t do my own laundry, I don’t cook my own food, if I want to go somewhere I take an ojek and it all costs me around € 1,-. The cost of living is really low and that makes me enjoy everything so much. I do keep in mind though that I don’t have to negotiate for everything, in the morning I always buy sliced fresh fruit for IDR 3.000 (eur. 0.20) and then one day another seller wanted IDR 5.000, then I just give it and think that he can enjoy an extra gorengan, which is about the price of the difference. Traffic in Jakarta is chaotic. You just have to keep it in mind. When I go into traffic I just relax on the back of the motorbike and don’t focus on all the possible accidents waiting to happen.


Experience: INDONESIA

“I already know that I will come back to see more of Indonesia”. At the moment I have only been to Bogor. But I still have many trips in my schedule, next weekend I will go to Kawah Putih, the weekend after to Dieng, the week after to Green Canyon and then my family arrives and we will travel to Bali and Lombok and also I want to schedule a trip to Medan and Lake Toba.

Sanne still has some amazing trips to take and she is keeping up a blog so you can follow her adventures through: www.travelingsunny.com


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