iExperience Internship has a dedicated team with young professionals aiming to provide students with necessary information and helping them to gain an international experience during an internship. We are offering high quality internships with international companies and use a broad network of professionals to find these companies from which you can profit in your future career.


With our offices located in The Netherlands and Indonesia we can participate in different cultures, different time zones and with different companies. With this structure we believe we have an adding value in providing international internships by offering a European contact person in the country you want to do an internship.


We are successfully cooperating with different internship agencies in which we see the same values. We cooperate to offer international internships worldwide with the same high service we stand for.


The team of iExperience is always looking for new opportunities or interesting cooperation projects so if you want to be in touch with us please send an email to info@iexperience-internship.com or contact us through Linkedin.

Team members

Managing Director

Elske Merkus has a Master degree Law and is responsible for managing iExperience Internship in The Netherlands.

Managing Director

Kim Olink has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and is responsible for the network in Indonesia.

Financial Manager

Bart van den Berg is financial manager at iExperience Internship and responsible for all matters related to finance.