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To offer a high quality internship iExperience Internship is located in The Netherlands and Indonesia to be able to communicate with parties in different time zones. We make sure to be the first to be in touch with the internship companies and arrange the matching internships for students and internship companies.

For arranging an internship in iExperience Internship charges Eur. 550,-. For this amount we arrange:

  • Internship
  • Documents for visa application
  • Pick up service airport
  • Arranging of accommodation
  • First day introduction company
  • 24/7 accessible contact in Jakarta
  • Assistance team member iExperience Internship
  • Contact with a local trip organizer


For an international internship you have to invest in your future. We often get the question ” what are the average costs I spend in Indonesia?” This question is really hard to answer because you can live like a local and on the other hand live like an expat. The difference in the costs of dinner can be x 20. The average costs in this overview are based on a student income and by living between a local and an expat.

  • € 250,- accommodation per month
  • € 6,- per day to food and drinks
  • € 2,- public transport per day
  • € 10,- phone costs per month including internet on 3G network
  • Costs for trips or clubbing during the weekend

PLEASE NOTE: These costs are based on an average student but can be different for everybody. In Indonesia you can choose how expensive you are living. For example, by picking a diner on the street or in a fancy restaurant.