iExperience Internships arranges high quality internships in Indonesia. We offer internships in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali and Lombok. We believe in these places we can offer high quality internships in an interesting culture, nature and working atmosphere. Do you want to go abroad and do you fancy a different country? Don’t hesitate to contact us for the options because we might have opportunities in other countries as well.


We are working with  a team of professionals that offer a 24/7 contact person at the internship location since we believe this is the most important service for an agency in this fast growing and changing world. If something happens we want to be there for the student. We can assist you to the police office, visit you in a hospital and be in touch with your family. Of course we hope nothing happens but what if..?


Please contact us through info@iexperience-internship.com for more information regarding our internship countries.