Bali is Indonesia’s most popular island and best known with tourists visiting Indonesia. The capital of Bali is Denpasar and is located at the South Western part of the island. Bali has over 4 million inhabitants and is home to a large group of people that live according to the Hinduism religion. In daily live you notice this by all temples, rituals and offers that are placed on the streets.


The island is well known for its special culture with arts, traditional dance, painting and music. Next to that, the beautiful beaches and high waves make Bali one of the world’s best surf destinations and a wonderful destination for snorkeling and diving.


An internship in Bali means an internship in a tourist destination where you can participate in the booming islands economy. Discover the island next to your internship from a motorbike, climb the mount Batur, chill out at the popular beaches, check the rice fields in Ubud and enjoy the beautiful culture. During your internship you will be part of an international team in different industries and will get to know the international industry.


iExperience Internship has a contact person in Bali who can assist you 24/7. Next to that, our office is located in Jakarta from where you find Dutch assistance.

Bali Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Bali Indonesia