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Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia and with over 12 million citizens one of the most populated urban centers of the world. Jakarta is located on the northwest coast of Java and covers an area of 662 km2. Jakarta has a tropical monsoon climate with an average temperature of 31 degrees.


In 1619 the Dutch had a victory of the English and renamed the city Jayakarta to Batavia. In that time the city was located at the current Kota, where you can still find the former stadhuis of Batavia, but since the Dutch came and brought commercial opportunities the inhabitants of Batavia grew. By 1930 Batavia had 500.000 inhabitants including 37.000 Europeans. In 1946 Indonesia got independent and named the city Jakarta.


Jakarta is the economic, political and cultural capital of Indonesia and has a mix of different ethnics, food, art and languages. Jakarta is regarded as the melting pot of all traditions in Indonesia you can find anything you are looking for. There are thousands of restaurants to have traditional and Western meals from cheap to expensive. Next to that Jakarta has the best shopping centers of South East Asia with several luxurious malls where you can easily spend several days.


An internship in Jakarta means an internship in a global city offering international career opportunities and a real sneak preview of your future career. In Jakarta you never get bored because there is so much to experience. Discover the shopping malls, the nightlife, the restaurants, the bars, the city. The people in Jakarta are turning your internship into a life changing experience and you will definitely want to come back to enjoy this over and over again. During the weekends you can visit the paradise called Thousand Islands with its beautiful beaches and clear water or you can go clubbing in the center at one of the rooftop bars that are located in Jakarta.


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