Yogyakarta is a city on the island Java and well known for its cultural highlights. It is the center of education and you will find batik workshops, cooking classes, ballet and puppet shows in the city. Next to that a lot of exchange students come to Yogyakarta yearly.


The most famous historical attractions nearby Yogyakarta are the Borobodur and the Prambanan temple. With these attractions and the friendly city Yogyakarta is the second most visited city after the island Bali. Yogyakarta is named the center of Javanese culture.


In Yogyakarta you live together with other international students in a villa where everything is arranged. The internships are of high quality and the majority of the inhabitants speak English. Rent a motorbike and discover the city in the evening and explore the surrounding cities during the weekends.

yogyakarta Yogyakarta